I've got the.....

I've got the "I've-been-watching-episodes-of- 'Lost' -all-day-on-my-laptop-because-my-desktop-doesn't-have-the-internet, -because-I-have-nothing-better-or-more-productive-to-do, -because-my-paycheck-doesn't-deposit-until-tomorrow-into-my-checking-account, -so-I-only-have-12-dollars-to-my-name-so-I-can't-even-do-my-laundry-at-the-coin-op, -so-I-guess-this-is-what-it-feels-like-to-be-a-poor-college-student-BLUES."

But I'll be better tomorrow. Cha-ching.


Week One. :)

It has FLOWN by, this week has. I don't even know where to start, and I mean that in a good way.

Lets see. My apartrment is ...classic 1980's arcitecture, but I like it. When I first walked in with Kristin and my Mom last week, the first thing that came to my attention was a dead fish in a fishbowl on the kitchen table. I was pretty sure that was a bad omen. But, when I emerged from unpacking a few hours later, my little fishy friend was up and swimming in circles in his bowl, and I was quite relieved. I have a private room (Halleleiuja!!) and I didn't realize that meant I'd get twice the closet space, two dressers AND two desks! And an extra bed. The size and splendor of having a huge room to myself pretty much makes up for the mystery stink that wafts through the apartment from time to time (?!), a tiny kitchen and shared bathroom, especially when you factor in that my roomates are cool.

One is the RA for the building, a returned missionary, and a bundle of happy energy. The other is a sweet married girl from Greece who's husband lives in Germany, and her main focus seems to be her studies. I am aware from my sisters' various horror stories of roomates that I COMPLETELY lucked out in that department. No "Nosy Nancys" or "Pushy Prudences." Hooray!

Rexburg is...quaint, and perfect in alot of ways. Judging from my cousin's description, I was a little leery of it based on the picture I had painted of this town in my mind: A highway, a campus the size of my CA highschool, and a lone Wal-Mart surrounded by acres of smelly cows. So, I was very pleasantly surprized when I drove down Main Street, lined with cutesy little shops, LOTS of businesses, bowling alleys, movie theaters, restaurants, you name it. It reminds me alot of Kaysville, except instead of being 30 minutes away from SLC, I am now 30 minutes away from....Nothing. Cows. Well, there is Bearworld, but I don't like to talk about that.

Classes have been AWESOME. I never realized just how much I missed learning. I mean, I could definately do without the note-taking and spell-checking, but man...it's good to be back in school. (During the frenzy of finals, I may or may not renounce that statement.) Campus is small, which means no getting lost, which is HUGE for me. I can get lost in a mall.

All in all, it has been a great beginning, a great jumping off point. There were a few hiccups here and there my first few days. I expected that I'd like it. Instead, I love it.


This makes my geeky life complete.

So, most of the people who read my blog (if there are people who read my blog) know me, and know that being a bookworm is always part of who I've been. I'm not ashamed of my nerdiness.

My unabashed love for Harry Potter and the gang has only recently been rivaled by the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. She's an awesome writer, and an even more awesome role model for young writers like myself. On one occasion when my girlfriends Megan, Robyn and I were discussing the books in minute detail with fanatic excitement, her husband Bill overheard us and noted that we were ''worse than Star Wars nerds." Its the truth, and I wear my geekdom with pride.

That being said, I had to share this!!!!



this one: (just for laughs)


Long live nerdiness. :)


"FEEEEEEEEELINGS, nothing more than....

.......Feeeeeeeeelings," (as sung by Steve Urkel whilst accompanied by an accordian).

So, you could say that I've been having mixed feelings all week. I move out of my home and 3 hours away from my family in nine days- and I am not panicking.

I should be.

I am leaving a job that I adore, and a class of toddlers that I adore even more. I just keep waiting for the tears to come - but they won't.

I am registered for college classes, and instead of going into a mad frenzy of stress on account that I haven't so much as sat through an educational lecture in over 5 years....I'm just smiling.

I'm crazy happy. And anxious. I fully anticipate that all this positive energy will evaporate in the fervor of squeezing all my earthly posessions into my little Mitsubishi 'Delilah', and heading off into the sunset. But, for now, I'm happy. And wicked excited.



Modest is the HOTTEST.

I am so inspired by the women who stubbornly make their mark in the fashion world - by insisting on modesty without compromise. My little sis Nicole pointed me in the direction of Elizamagazine.com (which completely rocks, by the way) and I have been doing an inward happy dance as I've been browsing through it's fabulous articles. I came across this interview with Stevie Nicks (the interviewer was a member of the girl-band Eisley, who I adore). It made me smile, bigtime. Hurray for standards.

You’re known for your mystique in both your fashion and your music image. Did you ever feel the pressure to be more sexually revealing?

The only time I had that pressure was the Buckingham Nicks cover. I was really pushed into doing that. I didn’t want to do it, and Lindsey, my then-boyfriend, was not very nice about it. I ended up doing it, and I’ll tell you something; when I showed it to my dad six months later, I said, “You know I didn’t want to do this, Daddy.” And he said to me, “Well why didn’t you just say no?” I said I just felt like I had no choice. I’m an extremely modest woman. I guess you can probably see it through my clothes all down through the years with my long chiffon skirts and my big wispy sleeves. I always looked at it like, people wondering what was under all that was much sexier than having all that out there.

That’s one thing I love about you. Mystery can be so powerful.

Yeah, and it always works, and now it’s gone so far beyond that; I think it’s got to come back now because I really don’t think they can go any further. But I will tell you, stand up and say, “I’m not doing that!”

We haven’t gotten much pressure at all, so I’ve been really thankful for that.

I know Warner Bros. is a good label and I wouldn’t think they would push that down your throat, but it certainly has been pushed on a lot of people. It has happened to a lot of those women out there, and once you’ve gone into that, I believe it’s hard for people to take you very seriously. I always said, in my musical life I will never be treated like a second-class citizen. And you know what? I never was. I have never experienced being treated poorly except for the time when we did the Buckingham Nicks cover. So from that day onward, I walked out of that studio a different woman. Today people still tell me, “We loved that cover and it was just so amazing and so beautiful,” and I’m like, “Yeah, it was, I guess.” But the grief it caused me was certainly not worth it. So you still really need to hold your ground. You always need to do that.


April Fools...APRIL SHMOOLS.

I have always dreaded April Fools Day. The combination of my generally trusting and gullible nature makes me a prime target for pranks in all shapes and sizes. It's not like I'm Debbie Downer or something, I definitely have a sense of humor. I just HATE being startled! Gahh!

My dear mother is the patron saint of tomfoolery. She is, and always has been, the queen of April Fools day. I live in fear of her on April 1st of each year. Today, she's only gotten me once (by dropping fuzzy lint on me from our second-level landing while I unsuspectingly typed on the computor a few moments ago, which was the inspiration for this blog).

I have to go now, because the "Law and Order" episode playing on the TV behind me has given me a great idea for a prank, and it involves the more-than-slightly creepy mannequin heads I have left over from my stint in beauty school. Bwa ha ha hha. Perhaps some of her impishness has been passed onto me.

(Edit: here's what we ended up doing.... we had it sticking out from under her bed. Her reply? "You guys are SICK.")

Viva La April Fools.