"You transfix me, quite."

Jane Eyre is one of my (many) very favorite books. Pretty much everything by the Bronte sisters is fantastic, but I especially like Jane Eyre because *SPOILER* 1) although the protagonist has a horrible childhood and faces huge dilemmas and sacrifices her temporary happiness in order to stick to her morals, she 2) gets a happy ending anyways. Awwwww....

So basically, I'm already obsessed with this movie and I haven't even seen it yet. I'm worried that I'm building it up in my head so much that it won't be able to live up to my expectations.

But I mean, can you blame me?

- How creepy it is (it's a creepy book, if you think about it).
- Dame Judy Dench playing Ms. Fairfax (I mean, come on. If she's in it, it's got to be good.)
- I counted at least 3 direct quotes from the book in the trailer, which is a good indication that the filmmakers know their stuff.
- The depiction of her childhood. Poor Jane.
- OMG BERTHA! & the scary door behind the scary tapestry at 1:31. YIKES.
- I'm about to show my geekery in a very graphic way here. I love that the actress who plays Mrs. Reed (one of my least favorite characters in the book, besides Brocklehurst) also played one of my favorite Jane Austen characters in this version of Persuasion.

- UH, its rated PG-13 for a' Nude image'?!?
- the visible age difference between Jane and Rochester (even though I know, technically, it is true to the book, it still slightly skeeves me out).
- Child Jane is bucktoothed. I have low tolerance for buckteeth.
- The trailer focuses a little too much on the eerie aspects of the story, and seems to downplay what the novel essentially is - a love story. It's a love story that happens to occur in the autobiography of an independent feminist, but still - it's a love story.

The real question is: Will it be able to live up to the amazing 2006 BBC adaptation miniseires? Only time will tell.

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