"You little DEMON!"

I literally just yelled that out loud.

I was casually surfing the net, thinking that it had been a while since I had blogged, and that I ought to.... when out of the corner of my eye I noticed little speck on my computer desk that looked oddly out of place. Then, it moved. And then, I noticed that the speck had brought along some friends...

Ants. I LOATHE ants. I jumped up, and made the aforementioned excaimation at the most brazen of the little buggers, who was attempting to climb onto my keyboard.

I was having none of that.

So, I grabbed the bleach, and sprayed him to Hades. Gah. Ants freak me out, because you know that they're never alone, and the thought of an ant-army-onslaught in my happy little bedroom makes me nervous. Eeek. So now, I am all cringey and jumpy.

Anywho! Other than the ants, things have been good. I just started a cleaning job at the apartment complex I live at(WHOOO HOO MONEY!) and I kinda love it. I am a cleaning freak, and getting payed WHILE I clean and dance around to the songs on my IPod is quite rewarding. Rewarding, but not always glamourous. I was cleaning a bedroom in one of the vacant guy's buildings, and there were boogers smeared on the wall by the bed. Seriously. Like, multiple boogers - as in, "Hi. I am a college student and I make it a habit to wipe boogies on my wall."

Dude! People over the age of seven have no excuse for confusing their wall for a Kleenex. I hope whoever's room that was somehow reads this (yes, I'm talking to you, random former tenant from 'Building 2') and feels ashamed of himself.

Ba haha. Luckily, boogie cleaning is an acquired skill of mine - I knew all those years at the daycare would pay off somehow!


Brain space.

So, I had decided against blogging (or thinking, for that matter) any more about my roomate troubles. Mainly because nobody likes a complainer, and also because she has already taken up plenty of my brainspace and blogspace. But, I promised details, and since I wrote about it in the comments to my "hurray for awesome quotes" blog, I'll post them here so everyone knows the down-low on my lovely housemate, and then I will banish her from my consciousness.

I may, however, still sing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead," when she moves her final box out of the apartment. We'll see.


Kristin May said...
What Happened? I must know..

I said...
oh, you know. When I asked her if the friend that was moving suitcases into her room was going to be staying with us, she said, "I didn't ask you."

I said, "Yea, I know. So is she?"

And she went postal. Told me I was annoying, needed to get a life (actually she said 'get sahm layfe', but that was the gist), and to stop bothering her. We argued, and she just kept screaming, banshee-like. She then went into her room, and slammed the door.

Management said she's not allowed to have anymore guests, and they're charging her for the other stowaway that was in her room for almost a month.

As you can imagine, it's rather awkward to bump into her in the kitchen or at the bathroom sink, but, you know.


Kimberly said...
Oh, Tami! This is hard!! I am glad that quote helped ease a little frustration. It is a really great thought!

steve groch. said...

Theres some shady people in rexburg. Believe me, I'm friends with some of them. One guy seriously has called me to complain about how unfair it is that his landlord was trying to get him to pay for rent even though he was out of town for most of the month. Ridiculous right? Then they kicked him out and he thinks hes the coolest guy around because he moved his stuff into a friends apartment in the same complex and sleeps on different peoples couches. Plus he has b.o. Every box of crayons has to have it's ugly colors or we would think something is missing. I think I just made that up. I'm sorry your roommate sucks but you're awesome and you'll make it and on the bright side, people are going to like you even more now because you've got some good stories to tell.

Kristin May said...

baaaa hahaha. steve you make me laugh.. and tami.. i'm sorry she's crazy. I KNOOOOOW how that goes. Look on the bright side. She doesn't walk around in her underwear and there are no mysterious red bugs in your apartment nesting in her pile of dirty clothes. I had a roomy like that. shudder.

I said...

hahaha. Actually, she runs around in either a skimpy lingerie nighty that shows her butt or gym shorts and a tie-dyed tank top with no bra.

Shudder. She always used to complain about how cold it was, (when she was wearing said items), and would turn up the furnace to like, 90 degrees.

So, we took the batteries out. And that was that.


Queen of penny-pinching.

Penny pinching. It's such a weird phrase. But it makes sense, I guess. Anywho.

I am so darn proud of my thriftyness that I wanted to blog about it. I've never really had to be super careful with my money before, and I am just now realizing how it feels to be really broke. And, oddly enough, it's not depressing - it's sort of empowering to be able to look at something in Walmart, and know instantly that you could get it at the Dollar Tree for cheaper.

Back to the point. So, I went to Egan Lake today for a ward activity (SO FUN!). The problem was, I didn't have any swim shorts. I'm a little body conscious, so just wearing my one-peice was out of the question. The second part of the problem was, I didn't have the money in my budget for swim shorts. What to do, you ask?

I made some. I made swim shorts out of an old pair of capris that I never wear. And they turned out pretty dang cute.

I feel very thrifty and empowered. Yay for penny-pinchers around the world.


Hurray for awesome quotes.

So, many things have transpired tonight between me and my roomate (AKA the wicked witch of the Rex). Don't worry, I'll give you all the details on the warfront later, probably tomorrow. But I will say, that I wanted to street fight her tonight. Straight up. However, when I took a moment outside to catch my breath, cry, and call my RA, a little quote I read a few days ago helped me get out of street-fighting mode. It is: (I got it from www.forbetterlife.org, check them out!)

“I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him. ”
—Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)

It helped. Luckily... Because I imagine that I wouldn't be that great of a street-fighter anyways.