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FACT: I love Paramore. They're so spunky.

FACT: Also, in case you didn't know, I'm uber stoked about the Twilight movie premiere.

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FACT: This video is made of awesome.

TWILIGHT - Paramore Music Video


My feelings on Prop 8.

So, Prop 8.

The California Legislation that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

I would have voted for it, were I still a resident in California. Does this mean I hate/dislike gay people? Of course not. I have dear friends who are gay; I love them, and I worry that they may not count me among their friends after I post this. That worry, however should not (and will not) deter me from feeling the way I do, and expressing my feelings. SO...

If Prop 8 took away any one's rights, I would not vote for it. Period. It is a proposition that defines marriage as one man and one woman. Therefore, it is only reinforcing the standard definition of traditional marriage. This proposition isn't a revolutionary ruling. What I mean, is that there are already many restrictions on what is legally acceptable as a binding marriage. You cannot marry a minor. You cannot marry more than one living person at a time. You cannot marry your pet goat.

I support domestic partnerships - because they ensure that the rights (the rights that so many people think that Prop 8 would take away from homosexual individuals) are kept intact. Straight and Gay individuals will still have the right to get married, as they do now. They both currently have the right to marry one member of the opposite sex, who is of legal age. Everyone (gay or straight) has that right. If a individual is gay, they can still have all of the legal rights and privilege that same-sex couples do through domestic partnerships. Every one's rights are still intact; Prop 8 allows everyone, gay or straight, in California to exercise their right to vote and define marriage.

An example of a ruling that would take away the rights of gay people and gay couples would be a reversal of the current domestic partnership rulings. This would force a gay person to do something that is dishonest and insulting to them (marry a member of the opposite sex) in order to have the opportunity to gain the full legal benefits that married couples have. That would promote inequality, and be unconstitutional. I would not vote for a reversal on the domestic partnership rulings, because that would take away some one's right to live an honest life, and receive legal benefits equal to their straight counterparts.

Basically, I don't think that a committed romantic relationship between a man and a woman is the same as a committed romantic relationship between a gay couple or a lesbian couple. Prop 8 agrees with me. That doesn't mean that alternative couples shouldn't be allowed to be together, or that I don't think that they wouldn't know how to lovingly raise a child...

Which brings me to my last point. I think that no matter how dedicated, loving, and sincere they are, being raised by two dads or two moms is not the same as being raised by one mom and one dad.

It's different.

The repercussions of Prop 8, should it pass, would allow my children to be taught in school that same-sex couples and straight couples are different things. That part is tricky; some people would argue that "Love is Love." Yep, love is love. But legally binding marriage IS NOT THE SAME as domestic partnerships, though love is undoubtedly vital to both. Prop 8 doesn't change that.

I strongly feel that all children deserve to be raised in homes where there is a mom and a dad, and that nature & Deity have crafted both genders to compliment and supplement each other in the sacred task of raising children. I feel that raising children in a traditional family setting is ideal. Of course things like divorce, abuse, death or any other number of circumstances can intervene and prevent the ideal; but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be sought for.


That's all :)