I should be doing my paper...

...NOT looking at the archives of SexyPeopleBlog. (PS thanks for the link, Kris.)

Anywho. Since I'm on the interwebs already, I thought I'd let it be known that, one day, when I have a boyfriend, I'd like him to never get me flowers. I'd prefer books instead.

My friend got books today from an admiring boy, and I thought that was WAY more romantic than receiving a bunch of bug-filled carnations from wal-mart, any day of the week.

That is all.


Crass, crass inspiration

Hello fwends.
Finals week is here, so no real blogging. However, This post from one of my new most favorite bloggers ever made me laugh, and think, and remember. Please note - I would rate the language 'mature,' or 'cuss-tastic,' so you have been warned.

My favorite snippet:

"If they ask me to hold hands and say the serenity prayer, I will drive this crayola through my brain."


Arry Pottah!

It was amazing. I just.... I just can't describe it.

Ok, actually, maybe I will try to, but later.

K Thanks!


Insight from my Children's Lit class

"Generally when speaking with adolescents, if you state that Mary is pretty and Jane is smart, all they will hear is that Mary is stupid and Jane is ugly."

Ha haaaaa.


Dearest Co-Worker,

You made me feel so smugly wise for bringing earplugs for my non-headsetted ear this week.

I am not sure why you thought it was appropriate to sing "Everybody wants to be a cat" from 'The Aristocats' at the top of your shaky singing voice over and OVER at work, especially when you work at a call center, where people generally like to understand what their customers are saying over the phone.

Anywho, good luck with your singing career.



Dear 'Hostess 100-Calorie Packs'....

You rock my world. I cannot believe you are only 100 delicious calories.



Street-Wise Roller Skating Babies.

I know I haven't posted a real blog in a long time. Homework has been crazy.

This isn't a real blog, but it will make you happy. The End.