Oh my asdlfkajsdlfahd;iasdfhdajfhalksdf (geek seizure)


Things I laughed at...lovingly:
1) How the Jacob-werewolf is a CARTOON. I'm hoping that is just a rough draft of the CGI wolves.BLA.
2) Jasper's hair. I didn't think it could have gotten worse. It has.
3) Laurent's theatrical "I'm gonna suck youah blooood" hand gesture. Yea.

Things I LOVED-
1) How perfect the makeup and contacts are this time around.
2) How they somehow transported every visual detail directly from my imagination into the scenery. In Twilight, I kept getting distracted by how different everything looked than how I had imagined it; I think New Moon is going to blow my mind, detail-wise.
3) When he leaves her. SOBBBBB.
4) How freakin' scary Laurent looks!
5) The transformation!!
6) Cinematic value. It just looks so much cooler! Probably the result of a higher budget.

Excuse me while I go make a black, white, and red paper chain to help me count down the days till November.


Fun times at work...

(this was during a phone survey, and we had to get the location of the caller.)

ME: "Okay, and what county do you live in?"

CALLER: "Um, its... uh... I...."

ME: "Is it H------------- County, or some other county?"

CALLER: "I ... Just... (whispering) I have no idea."

*hangs up*