No I don't work here, but thank you anyways

So, I was at Walmart this week looking over the cleaning products. (I seriously enjoy cleaning products.) A girl came up behind me, looking all lost and young and I-have-my-first-clean-check-tomorrow-ish, and asked me what I would use to clean my toilet and tub, and which isle those items could be found on. I wasn't wearing a blue polo shirt or a name tag, so I didn't look like a Walmart employee. I think that she asked me because either 1)I was there in the cleaning isle (most probable explanation) or 2) because I was exuding an exceptionally powerful Jedi-cleaning master aura (my preferred explanation). I gave her no fewer than 4 recommendations, and then directed her towards the Magic Erasers. I rock.

Jedi Cleaning Master


Plans for this year

2011 will be kind of awesome. Here's why:

I plan to...

1. Work on my time management, especially as it relates to bedtimes and sleeping. This may not seem like a very difficult thing for some people to accomplish, but those who know me know that I avoid bedtime like the plague. The plan: I am going to try to be in bed at or before 1:00am. Every day.

2. I am currently a (loose) dress size 14. I would love to get down to a loose size 12 by summer. Spending a summer in an actual bathing suit without a large cover-up on top of it would feel so good! I'd really like to reach my ultimate size - 10 - by winter, but I'll cross that bridge when I reach it.

3. I will pay off all my non-student loan debt. It is not that much, and it is quite do-able.

4. Read at least 10 books written over 100 years ago.

5. Blog at least once a week.

Unlike all of my past New Years Resolutions, I actually have game plans on how to accomplish all these things. Yay! Bring it on, year. I'm ready.

Goalie Wolies

There is something about the word 'goals' that makes me cringe. It may have something to do with the fact that I label things I don't want to do at all - but know I should - as 'goals.' For example, going to the gym everyday this year would be a goal. (Tangent: I've typed the word goal so many times already that it looks more like goat than goal.) The goals I set for 2010 were these:

... Oh, wait. I didn't set any for 2010. Just now I was searching through my blog for my New Years post of 2010, and it doesn't exist. Apparently, I've had 2 years to work on my New Years resolutions from 2009. Lets see how I did:

1. Write in my journal semi-daily, and blog weekly.

I completely fell off the journaling wagon, but I've blogged at least 3 or 4 times a month. I'll give myself a C+ on that one.

2. Go down a dress size.

This one is tricky, because I have no idea what size I was when I wrote it. I've definitely lost a dress size, but it's because I also gained a dress size or two. Grade: B

3. Resist the urge to weigh myself every time I come within a 50 mile radius of a scale... and stop hanging my self esteem on the amount of force the earth's gravitational pull has on me.

Yeah... Resisting the urge to weigh myself is what got me in the 'gaining 2 dress sizes' situation. However, I have stopped equating my self-worth to how little I weigh. I want to be skinnier and more fit because it makes me feel happy and healthy. I'll give myself an A-, since I technically accomplished both parts of that goal.

4. Pay off all my credit card debt, or at least most of it.

Paid off most of it! And my car is payed off too. A-.

5. Be painfully honest, especially when something/someone is bugging me.

I made... tiny bits of progress on this one. I still feel guilty when I vocalize annoyances to anybody, but I have been more honest about those annoying things. C+.

6. Read 50 new books...and some of them will be classics

Fail. I read 17 new books, and only 2 of them were classics. D.

My New Years Resolutions GPA: 2.7, or a B-. Not too shabby, but not too awesome either.

Next up this week: post my new awesome plans for this year. Happy (late) New Year!


Quote Of The Day

From my World Religions class:
"Please make sure you turn your cell phones off before you come to class, because they can be very distracting. Have you ever noticed that they always seem to go off when someone is bearing their testimony? I wonder why that is. Maybe... Satan is calling. Heh heh heh."
- Professor Chuckles (not his real name)