how to avoid negativity

I found this fabulous info-graphic through Pinterest (originally posted on The Secret Yumiverse) a while ago, and I love it. LOVE IT. For many reasons. Because, not only is it hilarious, but I've also found that a few of the techniques it outlines are incredibly effective when I have to deal with a meanie-jerk on the phone at work.

There have been many times that I have had to take a deep breath, and imagine an invisible force-field full of positive thoughts (#5) as a barrier between me and the jerk-monster on the phone, where all their meanness just bounces off. It works! Try it. I also like the one about every jerk monster having a sad human being trapped inside of it. When I try to remember this, it helps to humanize even the most obnoxious, vicious people, which makes it possible to send some compassion their way.


Dear Emma Stone,

You have made me realize that my ghostly pale complexion is not fundamentally ugly. Thanks for making all of us whiter-than-chalk-even-in-the-middle-of-summer-girls feel a little bit prettier.

Love, Tami



Oh hello there. I had a fabulous August, thank you very much. It was full and fun and sunny, just like summer months should be.

I got my old job back (whew! relief!) which is awesome. I like survey work, weirdly enough, and I get to work full time. I sit at a desk all day and do crossword puzzles in between calls. I really don't mind calling people because 50% of the time, there is no answer/or I get an answering machine. 30% of the time, someone answers, but then they hang up after they hear the word 'survey.' (Don't worry. You don't hurt my feelings. I get it.) 10% of the time, a human being speaks back to me from the other end of the line, but they say they don't have time to do it, don't want to do it, or ask me to take them off my calling list (which I actually prefer, between that and rescheduling, because we don't want to call you back if you have no desire to ever do a survey and know you're never going to do it). That last 10% actually do the survey with me, with varying levels of enthusiasm. I love that 10%. I want to hug them forever (figuratively). I may or may not have added those up correctly to 100%. I'm an English major, so I'm not too hot at math.

So when I wasn't working, I went camping/boating in Flaming Gorge with my family and actually got some color on my legs (shocking!), and went to Park City over a weekend with some girlfriends, Robyn & Meg. It was a spectacular month. I can't find any pictures of Flaming Gorge, probably because I'm lazy and never take any pictures. However, here are some pictures from Park City. Which, oh man. I loved the shopping there. I think I need to go to those outlets every time I shop. They have the hugest discounts. Meg thankfully took these while we were there.

Me, Robyn, our yummy drinks, and my sunburned neckline.

Me, Megan, and my accidental 80's bra-strap exposure.

Megan 'pretending' to shut the murphy bed at (Robyn's family condo) with me still in it. Apparently, my double chin comes out and shows itself when I look scared. Like a frilled lizard. Just ignore it.

Fun! September has been pretty awesome so far as well! More on that later. Promise.