Bowling Brethren

I was walking out of the new BYU-I bookstore today, which is right next to a miniature bowling alley. (I don't know why we have a miniature bowling alley in the student building. It only has like, 5 lanes.) Anyways. I turned the corner, and saw a bunch of religion professors bowling - in their dress clothes - with the bowling alley laser-lights on. They were high-fiving each other and everything. It was hilarious. I should have taken a picture. I though about it, but I would have had to explain myself if someone noticed me.


Feeling sad? Have some Eisley.

I know I haven't blogged a real blog in forever, and its because I am living under a mountain of schoolwork and research papers. I just thought I'd share my remedy for too-much-homework-itis: Eisley. They are just so happy and quirky and dreamy and shiny.


Don't let the slightly creepy intro throw you. Just listen to it all the way through. Ideally, while imagining yourself in a field of wildflowers.

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Oy. Eclipse Trailer.

I am incredibly underwhelmed. It did not wow me. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood because of all my homework...but seriously. How did they manage to make Eclipse look boring? The music was pretty. That is about it,though. Boo. New Moon was such a good movie, and based on this trailer, I am worried that Eclipse will drop the ball.

PS - I know that a boring trailer doesn't mean it is going to be a boring movie. But still. I wish I could feel a little more excited about it.

EDIT: Okay, this video made me feel much better. It looks awesome: