Feeling sad? Have some Eisley.

I know I haven't blogged a real blog in forever, and its because I am living under a mountain of schoolwork and research papers. I just thought I'd share my remedy for too-much-homework-itis: Eisley. They are just so happy and quirky and dreamy and shiny.


Don't let the slightly creepy intro throw you. Just listen to it all the way through. Ideally, while imagining yourself in a field of wildflowers.

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Kristin May said...

I LIKEY. I was creeped out at first. I thought... oh Tami. This is not happy. You must be REAL SAD. But it got better and I lurrrrve it. She has a crazy pretty voice.

Tami said...

Ha ha ha! I knew you would be creeped out at first. I included my 'hey don't be creeped out' note just for your benefit. I love them too. Dreamy.

Holland Blog said...

I love Eisley! You have great taste in music!

Tami said...

Thanks Lisa! How did i not know that you had a blog? Ha ha!