So, when I get my hair cut at the Paul Mitchell Hair Academy in Rexburg, I ALWAYS ask for a phase 2 hairdressers. They are hairdressers that have finished up the regular training for their licenses, and are just there to learn additional cool hair things. Anyways, I am sure I asked for a Phase 2 girl when I made my appointment on Saturday. POSITIVE.

However, once my hairdresser was ready, I noticed she was taking me to a weird part of the salon. It was crowded, and noisy, and the girls looked really young and OH MY GOSH IT WAS THE PHASE ONE SECTION OF THE SCHOOL. Instant panic attack.

I was faced with two choices: I could either run in the opposite direction and say, "I asked for a phase 2 girl, so BACK AWAY WITH THOSE SHEARS," or I could be polite, grin and bear it, and not ask for anything too complicated.

I should have gone with the former option. My hair looks like the 'Little Dutch Boy' that was featured on the front that brand's paint cans:
Exhibit 1:

Yep. Anyways, performing a Google image search of 'dutch boy paint' actually cheered me up a little bit, because the logo is QUITE creepy, in a hilarious way:

Exhibit 2:



itsjustmom said...

Tami, you are a hoot ! Love you

WilliamandMegan said...

Oh NOOOO tami!! I am also laughing at the same time because these pictures you posted are hilarious!

kim said...

Reading your blog makes my day. I am sorry your hair looks like the dutch boy. And the post about the llama dying is so hilarious. Awk..ward...! Ha ha.

Michelle said...

Tami, first of all... we need to play again. ASAP. Second of all.. silly silly girl... I am a LICENSED hairstylist!!! I could have cut your hair for you!!! And just a minor side note... a phase 2 student can become a phase 2 student at 1200 hours. So they still need 800 more hours... those skanky paul mitchell students... always telling people they have more hours...

Tami said...

Michelle - You are right! Why didn't I call you? Also, yes, we need to play again, ASAP.