First week of classes

Since BYU-I does its own thing (and by 'does its own thing,' I mean it has a weird, wonky semester schedule), I had my first week of Spring Semester classes this week. SO AMAZING! I did have to do some crazy class-changing hi-jinx though, because I thought I had signed up for Victorian-era BRITISH lit. When I walked into class, I realized it was Victorian-era AMERICAN lit. Boo. Anyways, I managed to switch it around so I really do have Victorian British Literature now. It is AMAZING. Our funny instructor read "The Lady Of Shallot" my first day there, and it wowed me. I had never heard the entire poem before. My only exposure to it had been through this scene from Anne Of Green Gables:

Anyways. It is gorgeous. Read it here.

My room mates this semester seem adorable, as well. I am super excited about them.

I am a little irritated about one thing, though. Every single semester, the BYU-I accounting office tells me that my student loan funds will be available the first day of classes. And every semester, they don't give it to me for at least a week. That may not seem like a long time, but when I start to turn to ramen noodles as a main source of nutrition, it FEELS like a long time. Its not even my money; it is the loan money my parents took out for me... but some days, I really would like to re-enact that scene from Merry Poppins when the little boy causes a run on the bank by shouting, "Gimme back my moneyyyyyyyyyy!!!" (Fast forward the video to 1:27, so you can skip the creepy old banker's singing/dancing bit)

That is all.