Pretzel bites are not worth dying for.

Today, I almost had a near death experience.
I was walking through the food court at the mall on my way to work, and thought that I'd get some yummy pretzel bites from 'pretzel maker' to go with my obligatory dr. pepper. Caught up in the moment, I forgot how inconvenient it would be to hold my bites (which come in a cup) as well as my drink while I tried to get on the escalator. I stepped onto the moving stair with one foot - and for one very, very long moment, I lost my balance and my stomach did a flip-flop. I had no hands free to hold onto the handrail. My escalator-foot was moving farther and farther away from the foot that was planted firmly on the 2nd floor. I honestly thought I was either going to:

1)fall down the escalator,

2) spill my pretzel bites and my drink all over myself, or


I pondered in that moment what an undignified death that would be. Taking a tumble down the escalator, landing right in front of my work's front door soaked in dr. pepper and covered in pretzel bites is NOT really how I'd like to go.

Even though pretzel bites ARE delicious.