We had a lovely Thanksgiving at the Booth house - and this year, it was even free of catastrophe (although Ozzie cut it pretty close by almost biting Grandpa Booth) and crying (Okay, okay, we haven't had a family cry fight for years, but the one year it happened on Thanksgiving was kind of hilarious). Yummy food, funny people, and one smelly dog.

I love my home.

I always feel super overwhelmed when I try to list all the things that I am grateful for, because there is so much, and my words always seem inadequate. So, I'll just go with my basics. I am so grateful for my education, my freedom, my parents and superfabulous sisters, their support and love, the miracles of modern medicine, and for all the opportunities that lay ahead for me.

I am also grateful that our Thanksgivings are nothing like


New Moon Trailer Breakdown!

So, I have kind of avoided writing or thinking excessively about how excited I am for the New Moon release, because I am afraid of repeating what happened with Twilight: I watched every single leaked clip and trailer on the internet approximately one million times each – and it kind of spoiled certain scenes in the movie for me. (Excellent example: the ballet studio scene. Vampires are fast, strong, and they like to crash through mirrors a lot. I GOT IT.)

However, I am a fan-girl first and foremost, so I know that I will like it. Done. However, I want to go in and actually experience as much of it as I can for the first time in the theater, so that I can LOVE it.

Now that the release is so close, (I am going to the midnight showing tomorrow!) I feel much more comfortable going nutzo with geekish hope.
I now give you: Tami’s New Moon Trailer Breakdown!

My First Impressions:

Oh snap! It pretty much liquefied my brain from its huge amounts of awesome. It looks like a real movie. Twilight had an indie/I-shot-this-in-my-backyard-with-a-camcorder kind of feel, and that was fine, but I wanted it to be a little grander in scale. This trailer had the least amount of items on my “Things I laughed at” list than any other from the franchise so far. Yay team!

Things I laughed at:
1) The weird way Bella annunciates her line at the 1:27 mark. “Oy have to gooe.”

Things I loved (and-possibly-made-me-tear-up-a-little-bit-don’t-judge-meeeee):
1) The pretty music.
2) The drowning scene – it is better than how I pictured it in the book. It is so stunningly sad - she is reaching out for death when Jake pulls her out. Quite the metaphor! And the way her hand turns ghosty-Edward into pretty mist? Sob.
3) Oh crap. Victoria is so stinking scary, being all silent and sneaky behind Police Chief Swan in the woods.
4) The werewolves look amazing. Precisely as they should – like enormous, horse-sized wolves. Not fluffy cartoon lassies.
5) Crazy old Bella. Always punchin’ werewolves in the face.
6) The Volturi. Being all ancient and eeeevil. Perfect.
7) Edward’s little foot stepping into the sun. WOW.
8) Dakota fanning as Jane: I could have done with a little less eyeliner. But she does creepy and sadistic surprisingly well. (Sidenote: I have been pronouncing ‘Volturi’ wrong since 2005... Embarrassing.)
9) The awesome attention to detail. Alice’s Porsche is the right color. It’s a minor thing, but it made me happy.

And just for fun, here are some werewolves. Cartoon Wolf McGillicutty is no more!


I Have Experienced The Laser Beam of Death

Actually, it was just the laser beam of... dermatology. But it still hurt like the dickens.

So, I went into my dermatologist's office yesterday. I was feeling cool, calm, collected, even as they handed me the scary metal goggles that looked like something you would wear if you enjoyed tanning in a radioactive sunbed. Laser? Shmaser.

But. THEN. She started zapping my face, and it felt like a cross between being snapped with rubber bands and being poked with tiny, tiny needles. At the same time. I felt like a baby because I kept like, wincing and saying, "Oh!" (It was startling! Every single time!) When I told her that, though, she said that I actually did well - some people cry. So I felt a little less like a baby.

I don't know what the moral of this story is. I just wanted to whine.

In other news, I'm almost 24! Yeeeee hawwwww.