I Have Experienced The Laser Beam of Death

Actually, it was just the laser beam of... dermatology. But it still hurt like the dickens.

So, I went into my dermatologist's office yesterday. I was feeling cool, calm, collected, even as they handed me the scary metal goggles that looked like something you would wear if you enjoyed tanning in a radioactive sunbed. Laser? Shmaser.

But. THEN. She started zapping my face, and it felt like a cross between being snapped with rubber bands and being poked with tiny, tiny needles. At the same time. I felt like a baby because I kept like, wincing and saying, "Oh!" (It was startling! Every single time!) When I told her that, though, she said that I actually did well - some people cry. So I felt a little less like a baby.

I don't know what the moral of this story is. I just wanted to whine.

In other news, I'm almost 24! Yeeeee hawwwww.


jackie herself said...

it is HORRENDOUS pain. i know this. i hated it too.

Kristin May said...

Sounds like laser hair removal. Try getting this done to your arm pit.

Kimberly said...

Hey you! I hope you have an awesome birthday... Being 24 is where it's at. I am sorry I cannot share in the pain with you, but I can say I am glad it wasn't me!