It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Christmas 2010: It was a wonderful Christmas. It was also a very exhausting weekend.

Best of times:

-Christmas cheer
-family time
-home videos from days gone by
-the true meaning of Christmas

Worst of times:

-dog eating a sock
-dog then barfing smelly barf for 3 days
-dog rushed to the doggie ER for life-saving emergency intestine surgery
-me bursting into tears after driving past the places I used to take her for walks (while we still believed that formerly mentioned dog may croak)
-me having a slightly hysterical emotional meltdown last night when I realized that I am moving in less than a week and am completely unprepared and unpacked and unready to leave the familiarity of home for the third time.

But... that is ok. Things are looking up. I really do still have 6 days to pack, and I don't have that much stuff. Also, lady-dog probably won't die!! So that is good too.


Goodbye, Grandpa

This past weekend, I went to my Grandpa's funeral. It was difficult and emotional, but not exactly sad or anguished; it was a great and fitting tribute to his life. My Aunt Diane read favorite (mostly hilarious) memories of Grandpa that family members had sent to her during the week, and this one was mine. I think it fits his personality well.

My favorite memory of my Grandpa Tygerson happened about 10 years ago. We were visiting at my Uncle Rich and Aunt Laurie’s house with all of their kids. He and Grandma were sitting on a loveseat together, and Grandma was chatting with everyone while Grandpa looked bored. He started looking through Grandma’s purse, and fished out a tinfoil gum wrapper. He took it and put in his mouth so that it covered the front of his teeth. He turned and smiled with his tin-foiled teeth at Grandma. When she exclaimed, “Oh Don! What are you doing?” he replied, “I’ve got to entertain myself somehow, Lorraine.”

I will miss him and his awesome sense of humor, but I am so glad that he isn't hurting anymore, and that he is finally with my Grandma again.


the blair otter/witch project

Ok so, I first discovered this video a few nights ago when I was surfing the internet and unable to sleep. It made me laugh so hard I was crying with glee. However, at the time I wasn't sure if it was really actually funny, or if it only entertained me because I was sleepy.

Watched it again... and it is still funny.

I did a little googling to make sure that the person being attacked was ok (he is).


You need to know that 1) the person filming and being 'attacked' is a 19 year old guy, and 2) he was chasing the otter around his yard before this segment of the video. I watched a longer version of it on youtube, and he was following the otter around his yard and trying to get it on video... so in my opinion, he kind of deserved to be run down like a ninny.

Direct quote: "eeehhooooooooeeeea­aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."
What a champ. I want that yell as my ringtone.