It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Christmas 2010: It was a wonderful Christmas. It was also a very exhausting weekend.

Best of times:

-Christmas cheer
-family time
-home videos from days gone by
-the true meaning of Christmas

Worst of times:

-dog eating a sock
-dog then barfing smelly barf for 3 days
-dog rushed to the doggie ER for life-saving emergency intestine surgery
-me bursting into tears after driving past the places I used to take her for walks (while we still believed that formerly mentioned dog may croak)
-me having a slightly hysterical emotional meltdown last night when I realized that I am moving in less than a week and am completely unprepared and unpacked and unready to leave the familiarity of home for the third time.

But... that is ok. Things are looking up. I really do still have 6 days to pack, and I don't have that much stuff. Also, lady-dog probably won't die!! So that is good too.

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