Catching up.

Oh, hello. I haven't blogged in over two years.  I just got busy. So much has happened in my life in the past two years that I don't know where to start, but here are the basics:

1. I have two squishy, adorable, hilarious nephews courtesy of my sister Jackie and her hubs George. (Thanks, you two.)

2. I got the opportunity last fall (one year ago!) to travel to Ireland, England, and Wales for a month as part of a study abroad program at BYUI, and it was simply amazing. Easily the highlight of my college experience.

3. I graduated from BYUI with a BA in English in July, and now in my stressful "I-just-found-out-I-have-an-exam-for-a-class-I-never-attended" dreams almost always end with me waving my diploma at the professor and prancing out of the room. It's great.

So, more on item #2: I have been meaning to post my pictures and travel journal ever since I got back last October. I figured that the one-year anniversary of my trip was as good a time to do so as ever, so here we go! (PS: Does anyone have any good ideas for what to call my travel blogs? I was thinking "A Broad Abroad." Get it? Heh heh.) Some of these are just stream-of-consciousness thoughts, but some entries are a bit more polished. It just depended on how much time I had that day.

My very first trip out of the United States began with me running late--very late--for the airport. My plane didn't leave until around noon, but I was supposed to be at the airport to meet and mingle with my group around 7. I don't think I got there until 8:30. I jumped out of the car and was about to book it to the gate when dad sweetly surprised me with a little wad of spending money. He just held it out and said something like, "Well, here you go." I thanked him and got teary eyed because it would really ease my budget over there.

Bye Chicago!

Swanky blanket and pillow on Aer Lingus

Flight Map