Goodbye, Grandpa

This past weekend, I went to my Grandpa's funeral. It was difficult and emotional, but not exactly sad or anguished; it was a great and fitting tribute to his life. My Aunt Diane read favorite (mostly hilarious) memories of Grandpa that family members had sent to her during the week, and this one was mine. I think it fits his personality well.

My favorite memory of my Grandpa Tygerson happened about 10 years ago. We were visiting at my Uncle Rich and Aunt Laurie’s house with all of their kids. He and Grandma were sitting on a loveseat together, and Grandma was chatting with everyone while Grandpa looked bored. He started looking through Grandma’s purse, and fished out a tinfoil gum wrapper. He took it and put in his mouth so that it covered the front of his teeth. He turned and smiled with his tin-foiled teeth at Grandma. When she exclaimed, “Oh Don! What are you doing?” he replied, “I’ve got to entertain myself somehow, Lorraine.”

I will miss him and his awesome sense of humor, but I am so glad that he isn't hurting anymore, and that he is finally with my Grandma again.