the blair otter/witch project

Ok so, I first discovered this video a few nights ago when I was surfing the internet and unable to sleep. It made me laugh so hard I was crying with glee. However, at the time I wasn't sure if it was really actually funny, or if it only entertained me because I was sleepy.

Watched it again... and it is still funny.

I did a little googling to make sure that the person being attacked was ok (he is).


You need to know that 1) the person filming and being 'attacked' is a 19 year old guy, and 2) he was chasing the otter around his yard before this segment of the video. I watched a longer version of it on youtube, and he was following the otter around his yard and trying to get it on video... so in my opinion, he kind of deserved to be run down like a ninny.

Direct quote: "eeehhooooooooeeeea­aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."
What a champ. I want that yell as my ringtone.

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Oh You Know.... said...

THANK. YOU. The memory of that sound will bring me joy forever. Hahahahahahahahahaha.