Oy. Eclipse Trailer.

I am incredibly underwhelmed. It did not wow me. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood because of all my homework...but seriously. How did they manage to make Eclipse look boring? The music was pretty. That is about it,though. Boo. New Moon was such a good movie, and based on this trailer, I am worried that Eclipse will drop the ball.

PS - I know that a boring trailer doesn't mean it is going to be a boring movie. But still. I wish I could feel a little more excited about it.

EDIT: Okay, this video made me feel much better. It looks awesome:


kim said...

I am glad you posted thid because I didn't know it had come out! I don't know what to think. It's just the first trailer... maybe we will be pleasantly surprised later?? I hope. Is that a different Victoria?

Tami said...

I know! I watched it again, and its not TOTALLY horrible... maybe the next trailers will be better. Yea, they changed Victoria! I was sad. The old one was awesome.

WilliamandMegan said...

I felt the same way when I watched it this morning. I felt like it didn't WOW me like the other 2 trailers. I hope it will be great!!