Plans for this year

2011 will be kind of awesome. Here's why:

I plan to...

1. Work on my time management, especially as it relates to bedtimes and sleeping. This may not seem like a very difficult thing for some people to accomplish, but those who know me know that I avoid bedtime like the plague. The plan: I am going to try to be in bed at or before 1:00am. Every day.

2. I am currently a (loose) dress size 14. I would love to get down to a loose size 12 by summer. Spending a summer in an actual bathing suit without a large cover-up on top of it would feel so good! I'd really like to reach my ultimate size - 10 - by winter, but I'll cross that bridge when I reach it.

3. I will pay off all my non-student loan debt. It is not that much, and it is quite do-able.

4. Read at least 10 books written over 100 years ago.

5. Blog at least once a week.

Unlike all of my past New Years Resolutions, I actually have game plans on how to accomplish all these things. Yay! Bring it on, year. I'm ready.

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