Oh my asdlfkajsdlfahd;iasdfhdajfhalksdf (geek seizure)


Things I laughed at...lovingly:
1) How the Jacob-werewolf is a CARTOON. I'm hoping that is just a rough draft of the CGI wolves.BLA.
2) Jasper's hair. I didn't think it could have gotten worse. It has.
3) Laurent's theatrical "I'm gonna suck youah blooood" hand gesture. Yea.

Things I LOVED-
1) How perfect the makeup and contacts are this time around.
2) How they somehow transported every visual detail directly from my imagination into the scenery. In Twilight, I kept getting distracted by how different everything looked than how I had imagined it; I think New Moon is going to blow my mind, detail-wise.
3) When he leaves her. SOBBBBB.
4) How freakin' scary Laurent looks!
5) The transformation!!
6) Cinematic value. It just looks so much cooler! Probably the result of a higher budget.

Excuse me while I go make a black, white, and red paper chain to help me count down the days till November.


Kristin May said...

hahaha. geek seizure haha. I like how Jacob grew a lot. Of muscles. AND his horrible wig is gone. I also don't know why the hand gesture was neccessary. He looks like he is going to b-slap her. Can't he just bite her instead?

iMaLLheaRt said...

I like how Jacob cut his hair! He looks so much better!! I love the wolf change! AWESOME!! I think it's as good as it gets! But it's still cool!! I just hope that Kristin acts better this time around. She looked so awkward in the first film like she didn't know what she was doing...maybe that was just me. Can't wait! I think I might have to myself a chain to countdown to November!