Queen of penny-pinching.

Penny pinching. It's such a weird phrase. But it makes sense, I guess. Anywho.

I am so darn proud of my thriftyness that I wanted to blog about it. I've never really had to be super careful with my money before, and I am just now realizing how it feels to be really broke. And, oddly enough, it's not depressing - it's sort of empowering to be able to look at something in Walmart, and know instantly that you could get it at the Dollar Tree for cheaper.

Back to the point. So, I went to Egan Lake today for a ward activity (SO FUN!). The problem was, I didn't have any swim shorts. I'm a little body conscious, so just wearing my one-peice was out of the question. The second part of the problem was, I didn't have the money in my budget for swim shorts. What to do, you ask?

I made some. I made swim shorts out of an old pair of capris that I never wear. And they turned out pretty dang cute.

I feel very thrifty and empowered. Yay for penny-pinchers around the world.


William&Megan said...

Thats awesome! You crack me up! I do have your white swim skirt at my house! Ill bring it tomorrow when we go swimming! LOVES

It's ME! said...

yay! Sounds good. I'm so excited for tomorrow, it's gonna rock!