Modest is the HOTTEST.

I am so inspired by the women who stubbornly make their mark in the fashion world - by insisting on modesty without compromise. My little sis Nicole pointed me in the direction of Elizamagazine.com (which completely rocks, by the way) and I have been doing an inward happy dance as I've been browsing through it's fabulous articles. I came across this interview with Stevie Nicks (the interviewer was a member of the girl-band Eisley, who I adore). It made me smile, bigtime. Hurray for standards.

You’re known for your mystique in both your fashion and your music image. Did you ever feel the pressure to be more sexually revealing?

The only time I had that pressure was the Buckingham Nicks cover. I was really pushed into doing that. I didn’t want to do it, and Lindsey, my then-boyfriend, was not very nice about it. I ended up doing it, and I’ll tell you something; when I showed it to my dad six months later, I said, “You know I didn’t want to do this, Daddy.” And he said to me, “Well why didn’t you just say no?” I said I just felt like I had no choice. I’m an extremely modest woman. I guess you can probably see it through my clothes all down through the years with my long chiffon skirts and my big wispy sleeves. I always looked at it like, people wondering what was under all that was much sexier than having all that out there.

That’s one thing I love about you. Mystery can be so powerful.

Yeah, and it always works, and now it’s gone so far beyond that; I think it’s got to come back now because I really don’t think they can go any further. But I will tell you, stand up and say, “I’m not doing that!”

We haven’t gotten much pressure at all, so I’ve been really thankful for that.

I know Warner Bros. is a good label and I wouldn’t think they would push that down your throat, but it certainly has been pushed on a lot of people. It has happened to a lot of those women out there, and once you’ve gone into that, I believe it’s hard for people to take you very seriously. I always said, in my musical life I will never be treated like a second-class citizen. And you know what? I never was. I have never experienced being treated poorly except for the time when we did the Buckingham Nicks cover. So from that day onward, I walked out of that studio a different woman. Today people still tell me, “We loved that cover and it was just so amazing and so beautiful,” and I’m like, “Yeah, it was, I guess.” But the grief it caused me was certainly not worth it. So you still really need to hold your ground. You always need to do that.

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