April Fools...APRIL SHMOOLS.

I have always dreaded April Fools Day. The combination of my generally trusting and gullible nature makes me a prime target for pranks in all shapes and sizes. It's not like I'm Debbie Downer or something, I definitely have a sense of humor. I just HATE being startled! Gahh!

My dear mother is the patron saint of tomfoolery. She is, and always has been, the queen of April Fools day. I live in fear of her on April 1st of each year. Today, she's only gotten me once (by dropping fuzzy lint on me from our second-level landing while I unsuspectingly typed on the computor a few moments ago, which was the inspiration for this blog).

I have to go now, because the "Law and Order" episode playing on the TV behind me has given me a great idea for a prank, and it involves the more-than-slightly creepy mannequin heads I have left over from my stint in beauty school. Bwa ha ha hha. Perhaps some of her impishness has been passed onto me.

(Edit: here's what we ended up doing.... we had it sticking out from under her bed. Her reply? "You guys are SICK.")

Viva La April Fools.


jackie herself said...

so, so funny. whats funnier is i talked to her today and she told me that she left it in michelle's closet first, and that because of that she was looking out for it ALL day.

itsjustmom said...

You are lucky I undid the one I did on you. It was a bit over the edge!