my life is over.

I have discovered two things tonight that are causing me considerable amounts of stress and/or panic.

1. I can't apply for a campus job in Rexburg unless I take more credits. Which I won't do, cause I need money, and more class time will eradicate the purpose of working part time be cause I won't have any time left to work.

2. While searching for jobs off-campus in Rexburg, I came upon the website for Bearworld. It is located within the city limits of Rexburg.

I HATE BEARS. Bearworld (aka HELL) is responsible for a string of recurring nightmares that have haunted me from an anxious, creepy part of my psyche for approximately 6 years.

Let me explain. We decided to stop at Bearworld (heaven knows why) to look at bears on our way home from our last family trip to Montana. My family thought it would be awesome to look at bears. I wanted no part of it. The cabin we had stayed at is in grizzly bear country. I had just gotten over jitters and insomnia caused by fear of waking up and seeing a fat, irritable grizzly standing over ones bed. I wanted civilization. I yearned for the reassurance of the suburbs, where even the largest animal that is within a ten mile radius is not one that can chomp your head off and/or peel the metal from your car like a can of sardines. I did NOT want to stop at BEAR-freaking-WORLD.

It wasn't even an ordinary zoo. There were no cages. It was like some backwoodsy hunter decided to start bringing his catch home ALIVE, and let them play in his backyard. Grizzlies, Black Bears... and Wolves. Wolves, I tell you!!! It was like a beastly petting zoo, with chain- link fences separating some of the different animals. You know, so that they don't all of the sudden start feasting on each others flesh.

So we drove through. Yes, drove through. Next to lumbering, thousand pound omnivores. I think my dad tried to roll down his window. It scarred me for life.

And so, tonight as I googled for employment, I discovered that Bearworld is in Rexburg.

My life is over.


William&Megan said...

Tami I love you so much! That is hilarious! I will think of you this weekend while I am up at Rexburg :)

Kristin May said...

"Please do not roll down your windows or stop your car, as once it stops moving the bears may climb on top of it."