"FEEEEEEEEELINGS, nothing more than....

.......Feeeeeeeeelings," (as sung by Steve Urkel whilst accompanied by an accordian).

So, you could say that I've been having mixed feelings all week. I move out of my home and 3 hours away from my family in nine days- and I am not panicking.

I should be.

I am leaving a job that I adore, and a class of toddlers that I adore even more. I just keep waiting for the tears to come - but they won't.

I am registered for college classes, and instead of going into a mad frenzy of stress on account that I haven't so much as sat through an educational lecture in over 5 years....I'm just smiling.

I'm crazy happy. And anxious. I fully anticipate that all this positive energy will evaporate in the fervor of squeezing all my earthly posessions into my little Mitsubishi 'Delilah', and heading off into the sunset. But, for now, I'm happy. And wicked excited.



jackie herself said...

i'm so proud of you. you're gonna rock it. you always do. =)

itsjustmom said...

4 more days!I am very excited for you!