This makes my geeky life complete.

So, most of the people who read my blog (if there are people who read my blog) know me, and know that being a bookworm is always part of who I've been. I'm not ashamed of my nerdiness.

My unabashed love for Harry Potter and the gang has only recently been rivaled by the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. She's an awesome writer, and an even more awesome role model for young writers like myself. On one occasion when my girlfriends Megan, Robyn and I were discussing the books in minute detail with fanatic excitement, her husband Bill overheard us and noted that we were ''worse than Star Wars nerds." Its the truth, and I wear my geekdom with pride.

That being said, I had to share this!!!!



this one: (just for laughs)


Long live nerdiness. :)

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William&Megan said...

I freaking love you! And yes we are obsessed with Twilight! And yes..Billy thinks were retards, but thats ok :)