I don't care that half my posts are about Twilight.

Oh, snap.

Looks like they are sticking with Cartoon-Wolf McGillicutty, but I'll deal with it. Because it looks freaking awesome. Oh, also because - Jacob's kind of a hottie. Is that gross of me? He's 17.
Oh, well.


Kristin May said...

Okay so I am excited for this one. But mark my words.... If it has the same effect on me as the first one did I will be reallllllly upset

Tami said...

Yay Kris!!!

I am thinking of having a Booth-girls midnight showing party when it comes out..

BUT. you are only allowed to come if you don't decide to hate it again. Okay byeeee!

Princess Michelle said...

Dearest Tami,

First of all I love and miss you a LOT!!!

Ok... real reason of comment.... I have not been excited for New Moon for some reason unknown to me, UNTIL I just saw your post and saw the trailor. I have seen the first one and it didn't get my heart rate goin, and I knew there was a new one out but had not youtubed it yet... so I am glad you did it for me. How you have changed my heart for the better. For that, I owe you. Thank-you. And God Bless.

Ok. Sorry if the God Bless was too much but I had like 1002423423 people at work today say that to me.

Ok, seriously that is all.

Tami said...

hahahaha. Michelle, you are funny.

Kimberly said...

He's only 17? What?!

Tami said...

I know, right?