'Cause he's BAD.

(This was said after our lovely dog, Ozzie, snuck upstairs and started eating starbursts from the bag...)

Mom: "We really should make a video of all of the bad things Ozzie does. We could play that Michael Jackson song in the background, and have him wear a little hat. Get it? 'Cause he's BAD."


jackie herself said...

hahaahaha. but why have him wear a hat? mom is so random sometimes. i love it.

Kristin May said...

Ooooh Mother. That made me laugh so hard.

cole linnae said...

HAHAHAHAH dang it you got to it before i did. seriously, i just have this image of oz wearing a taxi hat, snapping his little paw.

ps, the other day..mom said,

'oz stop chewin on your hand!!!!'

Kimberly said...

Your family is so funny! I miss you guys! And your funny dogs.

Tami said...

Kim! I miss you too!