I love this website.


I wish I had known about this site when I lived with my perma-angry foreign roommate. Sigh. I also wish that I had taken pictures of the notes she left so I could treasure her sweet little nothings forever.

Here's some of the notes that I remember - (of course, there were plenty more, but I can only record the ones that were funny enough to be memorable) I believe at least one of these was printed on my own personal heart shaped post-its. Oh,the irony!

DISCLAIMER: I am not making any of this up; the misspellings and the caps locks are authentic. These are correct as far as I can remember.

my knife is not in drawere. Plz BRING IT OUT!!! IT IS MINE

(she was convinced that whenever she misplaced one of her utensils, we were hiding it in our bedrooms)

This one was placed directly on the thermostat, in the dead of summer:

DO NOT turn off heater! it is FRZZNG!

I guess in her homeland of Greece, there was no air conditioner, so she didn't feel comfortable unless it was 95 degrees indoors. She could have remedied this problem at any time if she put on more clothes in the morning than silky lingerie tops and shortie shorts that showed her tush... but I digress.

Unfortunately, since the notes started happening after she had verbally forbidden us from speaking to her or her guests, instead of talking to her about it, we decided the best idea was to take the batteries out of the thermostat. Problem solved.

The next note puzzled me and Marie (my non-insane roommate), since by that time Kristina had forbidden us from speaking to her. I think it was in response to when I had asked her friend (who was living in Kristina's bedroom for about a month, using our TP, eating our food, and watching marie's TV rent-free) when exactly she planned on leaving.

If you have something say 2 my guests, DO NOT TELL THEM. SPK ONLY TO ME. THX

My favorite part was the 'thx' at the end. Oh, how I DON'T miss Ms. Crazy.

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