I know I have been slacking...

...And I am very disappointed in myself for not exactly 'blogging semi-weekly,' as promised in my New Years resolutions post. I'm not doing so hot on the other resolutions, either. My fat jeans? Yea, they're skin tight right now. Sad. I have been crazy busy with classwork, but my lack of bloggieness is mainly because I have developed this... blog-o-phobia, if you will, since I started my "Foundations Writing" course.

Since I’ve started really analyzing my writing and the things I read, I’ve been grasped by this paralyzing fear of writing something wrong (grammatically, syntax-wise, etc), which has resulted in me being afraid to write anything passionately for fear that it will be structurally lame. Which leads to very negative self-talk, such as "Oh my gosh, run on sentences, hanging clauses, BAD WRITING! I suck at life!! "

So, I’ve decided something: I’ll write as crappily and slangy as I feel like doing; however, when I go back and revise, I’ll use my newfound knowledge in the English language to edit wisely. Awesome! (high-fives-self)

In other news, I love my roomates. Looking over my last post about miss-crazy-from-greece has made me really value what good people they are - and they're great to live with, to boot! Like, we actually do our own dishes. We vacuum. We buy toilet paper. In other words, life is good. We plan on going to the No Doubt/Paramore concert in May (HOLLA!!!) and it would be an understatement to say I'm stoked about it. You'll get to meet my roomies then, too, family! (if you're in Utah at the time. Plan on it.)

Okay bye!


jackie herself said...

i do want to meet them. and i miss you. and the word verificiation for this post is "beets" and so of course my mind wandered to, "bears, beets, battlestar gallactica..."

Kristine said...

We're going to the concert too!

Tami said...

Jack- I miss you too. Are you coming home for Easter?

Kristine - That is awesome! It is selling out fast, so if you don't have tickets, get em now!