Pushing Daisies and retardation.

Item 1- I am currently obsessed with the show "Pushing Daisies" on ABC. It's quite fantastical, hilarious and fun, and I've been watching the seasons of it ABC.com. I love the internet. Also, Ned the piemaker is a cutie patootie. Who doesn't love a guy in an apron?

"Want some pie?" YES.

Item 2- "Talking during a picture can give the illusion of mental retardation." -Kristin.
Very true, and the blog she posted on her childhood awkwardness has inspired me to make one of my own.

I don't think we have any pictures of me actually wearing my headgear, (shudder), but I still think you should prepare yourself for the raw, gritty photos of the orthodontic catastrophe that led to the necessity of my headgear that will be in my next blog. Be afraid.


iMaLLheaRt said...

I love that show too!!

jackie herself said...

everyone needs a guy in an apron. everyone.

itsjustmom said...

The reason for no pictures of you in head gear is that you absolutely forbid it !

Tami said...

I know. I would whip it off whenever I saw a camera coming at me. HAHA.

Kristin May said...

everyone needs a guy in an apron? I think not. Not manly.