The Office season 5.

It is going to be epic. I watched the opener tonight (ONE HOUR SPECIAL OHHHH YEA), and it was amazing. Almost every line in it was quote-worthy. I don't want to spoil anyone (in case you didn't catch it), so I will only disclose my favorite line -

"I wrote you a goodbye poem, and the last word was seagull."

-Michael, to Pam right before she drives away. (He then tries to kiss her goodbye.)

Also - I was looking for still shots from tonights episode, and I couldn't find any. Instead, I found this EW cover, and I kind of love it.


Kimberly said...

LOVE IT!! I am officially addicted to The Office. I had my own little opening party! I am so stoked for this season! It is nice to know that you are a fellow Office lover.

Alex And Lindsi said...