Toilet Paper Wars.

No, not the kind you think. Not the fun kind where you sneak up on someone's house in the dead of night and decorate their front porch with Charmin.

This war is the kind where roomies outright refuse to contribute financially towards the things he/she uses, ie, TP, garbage bags, lightbulbs, and paper towels. And since my rent clause doesn't include being the Toilet Paper Fairy for this individual, I bring my roll into the bathroom, and I leave with it.

This. Is. War.

I know being passive-agressive about it isn't healthy....but I'll update this with more information in a month. When I MOVE.


Kimberly said...

I have heard of many "enjoyable" roommate experiences, but this is so funny!! I think I would do the same thing! To each his own.

Kimberly said...

Oh, and by the way--how are you liking the college life? It is definitely different. I hope that besides the roommate fun, that you like it there. Todd & I are actually trying out a married student ward today... yikes!

Lindsi said...

UGHH I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY ROOMMATES WONT BUY TOILET PAPER!!!!!!!!! that was always the biggest arguments we would have!!!
by the way, TP wars with someones house in the middle of the night is not the fun kind. the last time i did that i lost a kidney.

ClaysJenna said...

Hilarious. I only had roommates once and we were pretty evened out never had issues like that. Random eating my food and such going on, but for the most part I got really lucky! You poor thing! By the way, I love your blog:)

stevegroch said...

Ha ha ha ha. Tami... hilarious. Good luck with that! Some people you really do just have to tough it out with and do whatever it takes to stay sane. I'm sorry for your misfortune, but happy that it has entertainment value.