Tales from La Petite, Part 1

Here are a few more memorable kid quotes I dug up, except these are from La Petite Academy. Just as awesome, though. These are from my sweet 4-year-olds....... Enjoy!

I was observing a few of my girl students playing a weird game in the play-kitchen area. They had made a boy, Devin, lay down in the cradle with his eyes closed, while they took turns poking at him with plastic spoons and hairbrushes and the like. Mystified, I asked what they were playing, to which Kourtney (the ringleader) replied simply, "Dead." Cuh-reeeepay.

Gaven was roughhousing with his older brother, Caden. He bonked his face on a toy accidentally, and immedietely Caden exclaimed, "Gaven!! Oh no, you hurt your face! Mom says that's your money-maker!"

I was planning a lesson durning naptime, when I heard something that strikes fear into the heart of any pre-school teacher - a fervent cry of, "EMERGENCY!!! EMERGENCY!! TEACHER!!!" coming from the bathroom. I sprinted over, trying not to panic as scenes of little Jake with his head stuck between the toilet and the wall, or of his shoe clogging the toilet filled my mind. I got to the door, and there he was, sitting very still on the toilet, his blue eyes huge.

"Jake! What's the problem?" I panted, out of breath.

"Miss Tami!! My poop is GREEN!" he said.

(Breif pause)

"That's okay, honey. Sometimes poop is just....green." I said, relieved.

"Okay. Do you want to see it?"

"Nope. That's okay."

Devin was playing in the dressups, with a big, white blanket over his head, when I heard him say to his buddy, "I am the ghost of Christmas Pageant...."

Aiden was coloring a picture with markers, and was concentrating very hard on the paper. However, the child sitting next to her was amusing herself by occasionally smacking Aiden with her ever-present blankey. It was after one particularly hard whip of the blanket that Aiden finally cried,"Would you quit SWACKIN' that at me?!"

The swacking ended, and Miss Alex asked with a laugh, "Aiden, where do you learn words like that?"

"Um, I don't know....actually, Jesus. Maybe."


Kimberly said...

Ha ha! I always get a chuckle from stuff like this. :) It sounds like a fun job. You gotta love any job with such hilarious kids.

JDandAlicia said...

hey tam i just found your blog through the trail! how funny, don't you love preschool?


itsjustmom said...

these are priceless