Kid quotes - Candy Campus style

My fabulous mother found the beloved little pink notebook that has all of the quotes from the kids at Candy Campus Daycare that me and my sister Kristin jotted down while we worked there. I was so relieved (THANKS MOM) and excited to be able to finally put them in my blog! Hurray.

And without any further delay....


Riley was holding a seashell up to her ear. The other kids had made comments like, "It sounds like the beach!" or, "I can hear splashes!" Riley got very serious, and said, "I hear someone screaming!!"

"In Cali-forneeeya, I was at a store, and I saw a lady with a beard - then she died. Thats....just how they die." --Griffen

"Mexican horses can fly." --Griffen

"When I grow up, I want to be a policeman," then, looking at my teeth, he added, "with braces." --Griffen

We were having a class discussion about why we don't say bad words. "Sometimes I say panties, and that's a bad word," Jessica said, brightly.

There was a fly bopping around the classroom, and when it landed, River said, "Hey, look! It's baby bumblebee, and it's pooping honey. Take a look!"

"Jello is made out of eyeballs." --Kali

Christian led me over to another teacher by the hand while we were having outside time. He let go, pointed to us both and said, very seriously, "I want YOU to wrestle YOU."

"My Grandpa Chuck is really bald. He always has a sweaty head, and he's too poor to buy a hat. Maybe my dad should buy him one." --Aspen

"If anyone is ever mean to me, I'll tell my dad. He's a good wrestler." --Aspen

"I saw a grasspopper once on a flower." --Jenny

"Grasshoppers have their ears on their knees. That's why they hear so good..." --Kadin

In my class, we referred to body parts and such as "potty words." I heard something vulgar on the other side of the dollhouse, so I looked over and asked, "Who said that?" Jace looked at me guiltily and said, "Okay, I said the shower word."

"I went for a jig today with Grandpa," River said.
"A jog? you mean?" I asked.
"Yah, a jig!" he said brightly.

Kadin was looking down a large heater vent with another student. "The devil lives down there, you know," he said to her solemnly.

We were having a lesson about the solar system, and I asked my class what the sun does for us, here on Earth. "It makes you sweat and gets all the bad germs out of your body," Kadin said.

2004/2005 - FOUR YEAR OLD CLASS (these are from me & Kristin)

Natalie said, "Teacher I so love you and missed you so much!" and then looked at my necklace and said, "Are you getting married?"

The kids were having a dance party and then decided they should have boy/girl partners. Natalie and James were slow dancing to a fast song, and Emily said (referring to Natalie and James)"That is SICK and WRONG."

One day the floor was extra messy with crackers. Cayden wasn't participating in the circle-time activity. He had his face down under the table, and when I called his name, he sat up - and his mouth was covered in cracker crumbs. He was licking them right off the carpet.

Tayvia said, "I really like boys. They like me too, when I do this," and she batted her eyelashes.

Natalie had just worken up from quiet time, and her hair was sticking up all over the place. She raised her eyebrows and said matter-of-factly, "I like butter, you know."

Emily pointed to a reddish birthmark on her forehead. She said, "Angels really do have lipstick. My mom said they kissed me here when I was in heaven."

James was holding a bouquet of toy flowers. He then said, "Lets marry somebody!" in his best grown-up voice.

Parker pointed to himself and said, "You call me pocket knife, and I'll call you real pocket knife."

"Did you know there was a Hell storm? There really was...." --Logan

Emily was playing with the toy flowers. She placed one in my hair, and told me I was going to get married. "Who am I going to marry?" I asked, playing along.
After a thoughtful pause, she said, "George Bush."

Parker was looking at the Halloween decorations in the classroom. He asked me if I knew what he was going to be for Halloween. I shook my head, and he said, "FREAK-EN-STEIN!"

James didn't know I was listening to him talk with his friends. He said, "I let my mom wipe my butt. But, not with her hand." He paused, and then yelled, "STOP LAUGHING!"

Quentin came up to me during quiet time and said, "My tummy hurts." I asked him what it felt like, and he said, "Red."

Emily had just sat down to her seat at the lunch table, and I noticed she was playing with her full milk cup. I asked her to stop, and she said, "I'm not playing. I'm blessing it."
She put her hands on the top of her cup, closed her eyes, and mumbled something. Then she spilled her milk.

We were leaning about money one day, and I asked what 5 pennies added up to. With proud excitement, Cayden screamed, "A NIPPLE!!!" instead of a nickel.

Natalie made a pretend microphone out of the blocks, pointed it at my face, and said, "Talk to the hand," with a serious face.

"Teacher, we're gonna make chicken-noodle soup with blood in it, and poison!" James exclaimed.
"Why?" I asked.
"To make someone drink it and spit it out!!" Parker joined in, as James continued, "...and bats in it! and Rampires in it! And we'll cut off Cayden's hand and make him put it in it! And mix it with sprite and coke. And we each have to put a shoe in it. We're making poison-noodle-soup and shoes."

James looked at Sinai and said, "Sinai looks like a strooooong man."

Cayden took a rock from outside and as he put it in his cubby, he said solemnly, "I like to lick them."

We were watching 'Beauty and the Beast' on movie day. The part of the movie came when the magic rose dies, and the Beast lays down and looks dead. Then, a magic raindrop falls, and the music changes to a hopeful tune.
Cassidy looked up at me and said in an excited voice, "I know what he's going to turn into!!! A BREAST!"......I have no idea what she was trying to say.

The kids were all watching the sunset when Cayden said, "I think that's Jesus's. He makes the sun come up and down."

Daisha came up to my desk and put a huge lego thing on wheels on my desk. I said, "Daisha! That's very nice! Is it a train?"
"No," she said, "It's what carries the princesses when they die."

Parker walked up to me and said, "I....am a broken woman. I really am." (FYI, Parker is a boy.)

Tyler pointed to a naked barbie, looked at it's white plastic 'undies', and said "EEEEWWWW!" and threw it on the floor in disgust.

James was crying and I asked him what was the matter. He said, "I'm just having a hard day."
I asked why, and he said, "Because I'm having a heart attack!!"

During outside time, Dannica came up and told me that her cat "..always fwisks awound da house wiff my scwunchies."

The new girl, Aliyah, was having a really hard time adjusting to daycare. She had layed down on the carpet sadly and just was watching everyone play. Emilee walked up to her, put her face close to Aliyah's, and said, "Daycare sucks, huh?"

Wyatt pointed to the waffle blocks and said, "Can I play with the pan-cakes?"

Parker was singing, "Foot shoes, fruit loops, duck-dutch-sunny shoes!" to the tune of 'Footloose'.

We were having a lesson on feelings, and I had the children color those 'Happy and Sad upside-down' faces. Afterwards, we were talking about how sometimes we feel sad, and sometimes we feel happy. I asked if we could ever feel happy and sad at the same time.
"Yes!" Cayden said, smiling while pulling down the other corner of his mouth to make a 'half-frown.'

I'm guessing that Daisha and Brynne were playing school, because Brynn was sitting in a chair while Daisha strolled around and read to her in a very grown-up voice. I overheard her saying somthing about Chinese hair, and jewelry, and then she said, "In China, they do not respect beer."

Cayden and Parker had just found out that we were going to watch a movie that afternoon. All of a sudden, they both started dancing and singing "I love movie day, movie day, oh yea!" to the tune of 'lets get physical' by Olivia Newton John.

Natalie looked at me and said, "I'm going to have a baby kitty, and it's going to come out of my tummy, and it won't have any sharp teeth."

Quentin came up to me and said, "Geez, Kip, thanks for eating all the freakin' chips." He sounded EXACTLY like Napoleon Dynamite. I burst out laughing.

Out of nowhere, Cayden pointed to his ears and said, "Look! I have elk-ears. I really do."

We were drawing family portraits as a part of our lesson, and then we talked about them. When it was Braxton's turn, he pointed to his picture.
"This is Ethan, my brother," he said, "and this is me. I'm a jellyfish."

Erin and I were reminiscing about the day the poopy toilet overflowed all over the carpet. Hearing us, Austin said, "There is a dead body, with no head, in that shower. His head got the toilet all plugged."

Stephanie said to me, "My little brother is a Monkey-Butt-Farmer," with a giggle.

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