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I am going to start posting all the cute quotes I can remember from my kids, because - alas! - I have misplaced my notebook that contains 4 years of funny kid quotes. I want to cry.

However, blogging is alot less fickle than a notebook, because 1. - It cannot be barfed on (something that presents a real threat to literary records in my line of work) and 2. - I cannot lose it. Boo hoo for now, and when I find my little pink notebook, all of the quotes from the insightful children I've been blessed take care of will be going on here.

This is actually from friday. There was a freak hailstorm pounding on the roof of the daycare, and I was about to head out to the parking lot for my lunchbreak. To get there, I get to cross through my old classroom of 4 and 5 year olds. Most of them are sleeping on cots, since it's usually naptime when I break. However, there's always a few hardcore hyper kids that don't sleep. As I tip-toed throught the room, Devin popped his head up and said, "Miss Tami! Be sure you watch out for the blizzard! Its CRAZY out there!"

I thanked him, and promised I'd be careful. As I was closing the door, I heard his buddy Cameron whisper desperately, "What do you mean there's a lizard out there?!!! DON'T LET IT COME IN HERE!!!"

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William&Megan said...

That is hilarious!! Make sure you take pictures at your class tomorrow. I want to see how cute you have decorated for St. Patty's Day