Honey, I'm home.

I am not sure why I can't call Rexburg 'Home' yet, or if I will before I graduate (in 5-ish semesters). I live there 7 months out of the year, but there is an intangible pull towards my house and family in Kaysville that makes it my real home, even though I'm an adult and normally I would have my own place - full time - to live in by now.

I like it anyways. I love being back, and I am almost completely moved in. I have no idea how on earth I fit all of my crap into my room. I think it multiplies in my closet when I'm not looking. I packed and stored most of it at a unit in Rexburg, but still - there is SO MUCH of it. I felt like a wizard when I was able to fit it all in my car, using nothing but my own two hands to move it all.

So, I am home! And I have been unpacking, but have otherwise been quite lazy & laid back this week. I am crossing my fingers that my old workplace has a spot for me. Wish me luck on that, or I may have to do the whole take-two-jobs-at-once-in-order-to-make-enough-money thing again. Bleh.

Oh, and also, I slipped down the stairs yesterday in a very painful and hilarious fashion. I did that thing where you put your foot juuuuuuust too far off of the carpeted step, and your foot slips out from under you. I threw my arms up, my phone flew out of my hands & hit the wall really hard (luckily, it made it through unscathed). In my wacky flailing, trying to find something to hold onto mid-fall, I bonked the flabby under part of my arm on the banister post. Yowzer. It hurts. I was going to take a picture of it to impress you with my toughness, but it doesn't look that impressive. It's just a large, nasty, speckled bruise.

Lady, our dog, witnessed the whole thing. After being freaked out for a moment and staring at me, she seemed to decide I was playing some kind of new game and started jumping on my sprawled body. She's such a weirdo. It's a good thing she's cute.

Photo from my sis Colie


Megan Maree Walker Boehm said...

I am so glad you are HOME! I had fun catching up yesterday at lunch :)

cole linnae said...

im rofling so hard right now. i can just see you falling and lade being like, HI TAM HI TAM HI TAM! hahahhahah

Tami said...

Meg - Me too! Cole - That is exactly how it was. She brought her ball over and everything.