4th of July Family-palooza

This last week, we went as a family to Island Park and stayed in the most adorable little cabin you ever did see. I loved it. Even though I got bitten alive by bugs, wore entirely the wrong shoes hiking on a certain fishing expedition, and was terrified 60% of the time that I was going to meet my end as the meal of a grizzly bear, I had fun. I would do it all over again. Somehow I managed to not get tan - AT ALL. I think I have albino genes. Here are some pictures: (courtesy of my little sis Michelle - I am too lazy to take any)

Me, backwards-modeling a pair of PJs that had a trap door in back:

Me and the sissies:

Me, sinking in some quicksand in a lake (and probably swearing in my head):

Papa Booth snoozing:

The marrieds:

Good ol' Lake Hebgen:

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Megan Maree Walker Boehm said...

How fun!! I LOVEEEE Island Park, thats where our condo is, love the pics :)