What I've been up to

I have been a busy girl, so my blog has been rather neglected. I am currently:

- schooling full time
- working part time
- being awesome all the time

JK, I made that last one up. That list seems shorter than it should be. Oh, yea, I also started an Etsy shop because I have a really poor grasp on how many hours are actually in a day. It is a blast. It's a work in progress, so more on that later.

I do still fear that I'll not be able to keep juggling everything and I'll have a mental breakdown and be found by my roommates at the end of the semester rocking back and forth in my closet with my eyes glazed over mumbling things about possessive pronouns and Mesopotamian trade routes. If that is the case, you'll know why.

Lurve, Tami

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cole linnae said...

hahahahahahahahaha. awesome all the time? check.