Dear Royal Newlyweds,

You had the raddest wedding ever, complete with a carriage ride through the streets and an adorably cranky junior bridesmaid.

I didn't think I could love you even more than I do, but then I read this. And it happened: I love you even more.

You don't have a staff - no cook, no butler, no limo drivers - nothing (well, besides security, but duh). You live a shockingly normal, modest life for the future King and Queen of the oldest surviving monarchy in the world.

What I'm trying to say is...
Can we be besties? So you can invite me over for tea and crumpets at your grandma's place and I can play with her corgis while I wear a fancy hat? Pleeeeeeease? (Have your people call my people.)

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cole linnae said...

hahahahhahah that visual just made me rofl