HP 7.2 Trailer + bonus Tami reaction video

......I die.

I have no words to describe how awesome this movie is going to be. I am such a potter nerd that I almost teared up when I watched it. I was curious how my face looked while I watched it - so I recorded my reaction (the fifth time through). It's entertaining. Please ignore my double chin & non-makeup zit face & the way it's kind of distorted (my laptop was on my tummy and I was laying down).

The part where I giggle halfway through is when Harry tries to get Voldy to hug it out with him while falling off a tower. (sooo not in the book). Fave Youtube trailer comment:

"Scene 1
Harry: Expelliarmus!

Scene 2
Voldemort: Nyeeeeeeehhhh!!!!!!

Scene 3
Voldy: Why do you live?
Harry: Because I have something worth living for!

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