I'm Thankful For...

My family.

My warm bed.

The opportunities I've been given, and especially the chance to get an education.

Parents who support me completely - personally, emotionally and physically (as well as financially during my first few years at college)

Sisters who are hilarious, loyal, and loving.

My jobs, and the opportunity to be employed at all during these hard times.

My stinky car Delilah.


Friends, both old and new, that I'm able to stay close to even though I live out of state half the year.

My health.

The miracles of modern medicine that help to keep me healthy.

Never having to know what it feels like to go hungry out of want.

My weird dogs.

My membership in the church, and all of the temporal and spiritual blessings that come with that.

The beautiful things in life like music, great books, art, and nature.

My life. Just in general.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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