Passive Agressive Laundry

So, at my apartment complex there are very, VERY limited laundry facilities. Each building has one laundry room, and each laundry room has only 2 washers and 2 dryers. Here's the kicker: Each building has about 80 girls living in it. So I basically share a washer and dryer with 40 other girls. For this reason, our laundry rooms are in constant use, and if a washer has stopped, most people (like me) take the laundry out of the finished machine so that they can use it. Whenever I do this, I make sure that I put it nicely and neatly on top of the washer or in their basket, because it would suck if their stuff fell on the floor or something.

Anyways, I went in to do my laundry last night, and I noticed that the only washer that wasn't in use was full of clean bedding. I put it nicely on top of the machine, and started putting my clothes in. While I was doing that, my neighbor and Sunday school teacher came in and looked at the bedding I had placed on top of the washer. Since I know her, I cheerfully told her I was the one who had just barely taken them out and set them there, and I hoped that it was okay.

She just looked at me and said nothing. Awkward.

So, when I went in later on that night to put my stuff in the dryer, the only dryer that wasn't in use was full of - you guessed it - that girl's bedding. I put it neatly on top of the dryer, and started my load. (Note: Her bedding was dry.)

When I came back to get my laundry out, I found this note waiting for me on top of my dryer:

I promptly sent it to PassiveAgressiveNotes.com. Tee hee hee.

Since she angrily scribbled out "I don't know who..." I am pretty sure she knows it was me. And I think that Sunday school is going to be a little awkward for a while.

Oh, well. Ha ha ha.


jackie herself said...

this made me giggle. a lot. and im not really sure why. but its still making me laugh. =)

itsjustmom said...

you did the appropriate thing, hopefully she will realize it and give you an apology

kim said...

hahaha. "I am not happy about this." Yeah. Totally awkward. But I fully support your actions. :)

iMaLLheaRt said...

That is absolutely HILARIOUS!! I always took the laundry out of the person who was done. I mean, come ON!!, I have laundry to do too and places to go! It's not like you stole her stuff!! Weirdo. That note was awesome!!