Quotes from my first week of classes..

(I meant to post this after my first week, but for some unknown reason just saved it as a draft instead. Sleep deprivation, perhaps? Yes.)

Advanced Writing and Critical Thinking:
(Professor): "...So, the final research paper will be 12 pages long."
(Flabbergasted kid behind me, under his breath): "Oh my GOSH!"

Fundamentals of Research & Presentation:
(southern professor that was very enthused about the new software): "How cool is that?"..."And how cool is thayat!?".... "I mean, how cool is thayat?"..."How SWEET is thayat?"
(The title of an article we were reading was called, "Books Gone Wild")
"... and then, the title of this article... well, uh... it is a reference that you should NOT recognize."
(Professor): "Make your thesis sharp - make it very edgy! Make you reader say, 'Whoa, put that thing away before you poke my eye out!' Seriously."

American Lit:
(Professor): "Looks like we won't be able to listen to Simon and Garfunkle's 'America' until next time. It will give you something to look forward to. And if Simon and Garfunkle don't make you enthusiastic about coming to class, then you should transfer out of here..... Heh, heh. Just kidding... Sort of."


Mattieval1 said...

wow, these def sounds like a first day of school at my place lol, I love your professor's comment, just kidding, sort of. I love your blog as well. Will def be following!

Jesse & Katie Rindlesbach said...

love the "poke your eye out" statement!! haha. sounds like you have some fun professors :)