Bad Day Gone Good

So, I was feeling frustrated this morning (and by morning, I mean 11:45-ish) because I was running a little late for class. I was especially annoyed when I stepped outside, only to be greeted by my car completely encased in ice, with a light sprinkling of snow on top for good measure. Argh. So, I spent 15 minutes clomping around my poor little car-cicle, until my fingers were numb, my car mostly scraped, with a mere 5 minutes left until my class started.

When I pulled into the lot, I ran (okay, I guess it was more of a power-walk) into the building only to find my classroom deserted. Totally empty. I had been absent the previous class period, and apparently missed the memo that there was no class today. BOO.

I stomped back to my car, now conveniently and uselessly defrosted, drove to my apartment, and continued my frustrated stomping into my living room. I was inwardly grumbling when I put some leftover enchiladas into the microwave in an attempt to eat my crankies away. As I settled down on the couch to dig in, I saw this clip on "The Soup," and it honestly made my bad day turn good. I laughed so hard I cried, and I ALMOST had to spit out my half-chewed food. Bless Joel McHale's sarcastic and occasionally profane little heart.

Edit: Youtube wouldn't let me embed the clip from the soup, so here is some footage of the dog it featured:


Kristin May said...

oh my gosh i'm seriously still laughing. Were you there when we kept seeing that clip at on TV when everyone was home? I seriously almost died then and it was just a still shot. This made my life.

Tami said...

Yes! I was there. That's why I was so excited to see it agian. Bwa ha ha.

cole linnae said...


Jesse & Katie said...

The Soup is the.best.show.everrr!!!! Joel McHale....love him!