Quotes of the day.

"If cancer were riding a bike, I would poke a stick through the tire spokes and laugh as it hit the ground. Even if cancer were a puppy, I would punch it the face."

(during my appointment a few weeks ago with my Doc)
Me:"I didn't expect to be okay. I didn't expect to be able to cope, but I am. I feel strong enough to actually be of use to my mom, and to help her and everyone else through this."
Dr. C: "There's something embedded deep in human nature, that allows us to rise to the occasion. You are healthy now, and that's why you are able to rise to the occasion!"
Me:"That's kind of awesome."


William&Megan said...

Oh I love you Tami!! :) Please keep my updated on ur fam. I think about you EVERYDAY!

iMaLLheaRt said...

cancer sucks.

Kristin May said...

Doctor C. He's my homie. Also, i think its funny that you quote me like a famous person.