Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!

I decided on the spur of the moment to go to the Breaking Dawn release party in Idaho Falls on friday!! It was fabulous. Here are some pictures! My spoiler-free book review and event report will follow soon. Enjoy!!

(My book, topped by the plastic vampire teeth favors they were passing out)

(these our our excited faces!)

(the stampede at midnight)

(a view of the entrance - this was after I had gotten by book!)


Kimberly said...

CRAZY! Both of my sisters endured the madness at local Barnes and Noble stores. I personally am just now reading Twilight. I know, I am a little behind. I will soon catch up to you! I am excited to hear your report on the new one. :)

William&Megan said...

I thought of you when it came out at midnight! I was camping so I didn't go do the midnight thing..but I will start reading it Friday, so after I read it we can talk about it :) Dont forget...we are going to the Twilight movie TOGETHER!!

It's ME! said...

Kim - I am excited you are getting into twilight! once you finish the series, we need to have a big lunch with megan and everybody and just talk about it.

Meg - oh heck yes we are going to see the movie together!! I'm already wondering how early I should get my tickets.... I can't wait till we can talk about breaking dawn!!!! (It's so freakin good. You'll cry.)

cole linnae said...

oh no. youre one of them.

It's ME! said...

Nicole. We have already established the fact that I will always out-nerd you. OWNED.